Congratulations on deciding to take control of your finances, break bad spending habits and start saving money! This is just the first step toward your financial freedom.

This Finance Planner / Budget Planner will be your guide in organizing your finances and making your budgeting a breeze.

I believe budgeting is a personal thing, so I won’t tell you how you should budget your money or how to exactly write on this finance planner.

However, if you are a beginner in budgeting or are unsure on how to write on this planner, I am sharing this guide with you based on how I use it myself.

What’s included in your purchase?

Inside this undated 12-month Finance Planner and Workbook, you will find the following pages:

1x Finance Goals

4x Savings Tracker

4x Debt Repayment Tracker

12x Monthly Checklists

12x Undated Monthly Calendar

24x Budgeting Worksheet

48x Spending Tracker (4 pages for each month)

24x Money Journal

2x Bills Tracker

1x Annual Money Overview

If you are having a problem with the planner, kindly message me. Thank you very much for purchasing the planner and together let’s smash your money goals this year!

Click the button below to download FREE FINANCE PLANNER STICKERS printable. Use sticker paper when printing for best results.

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